Allied Arts: Our Ally

As a fan of the arts, we thought you’d like to be a part of this united drive for the arts in Central Oklahoma (if you aren’t already). Learn more about Allied Arts in this video, which gives a great overview of the importance of the arts to our communities, education and economy. 

One gift to Allied Arts of any amount supports arts education, performances, exhibitions and more cultural programming in central Oklahoma! The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, along with many other cultural organizations, relies on Allied Arts to serve the community.

Allied Arts has been uniting the arts for over 40 years, and has set a record-breaking goal to raise more than $3 million for the arts this year. Please join this huge campaign for our local arts community with a gift of any amount and show how much central Oklahoma “hearts” the arts!

Learn more and donate today at

Top 10: 2011’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Highlighting artist proposals, Oklahoma artist interviews, reading suggestions, and more, here’s our top 10 most read blog posts over the past year.  We hope you’ll find our archive inspiring with the artist profiles and useful for business of art tips.
The post showing Sarah Atlee’s actual proposal from the Art 365 exhibition in 2008 remains the most popular post (by far) as it’s a favorite of Google searches. 
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OSU Graduate Exhibition

Guest Author: Jan Holzbauer
The Art Department at Oklahoma State University will be hosting an art exhibit for the spring graduates who have been working on their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The exhibit is the highlight of their senior year and allows them a chance to participate in an art exhibit at a major art gallery showing off their work at OSU.  The exhibit will run from March 9-25, 2011 and opened March 10.  
Lindsey Larremore, Doorknob #8, Oil, 30×34″
Participating in this spring’s show will be five artists who have put together their best work for this exhibit.  One of those exhibiting artists is Lindsey Larremore.  Larremore is an oil painter that has studied painting and drawing in Italy and New Mexico.  Larramore has received scholarships and awards including an honorable mention from the juried exhibition Momentum in Oklahoma City, OK, an honorable mention from The Annual Juried Student Exhibition in Stillwater, OK, as well as receiving the Wilham House Award in Stillwater, OK.  Larramore said “I am fascinated by the images reflected by shiny surfaces.  In enjoy getting lost in the new world that the reflection creates.  By using the doorknob as my preferred reflective surface, I can allow the viewer to see ordinary rooms in a house through an ordinary object in a whole new way.” 

Trisha Thompson, Dream: Keywords Don’t Always Work, Intaglio and Graphite, 3×3″
Another artist that will be showing at this exhibit is Trisha Thompson.  Thompson is also an award winning artist including the 2009 Purchase Award at OSU’s Research Week’s Creativity Festival and several honorable mentions and scholarships.  She also has had work in various juried exhibitions such as Momentum Tulsa and Momentum OKC.  Thompson works with oil paint and intaglio.  Intaglio is a form of printmaking in which an image is hand scribed into a copper plate and then run through a press.  Thompson describes her work by saying “I am intrigued by vivid dreams; the ones that feel so real you wake up and question whether it actually happened, despite how strange they seemed.  I want to capture that moment, the awakened daze where the dream feels like reality.  To achieve this I portray my dreams as bizarre memories and each piece is monochromatic to enhance the idea of an old memory.”    Most of her pieces are done on a very small scale – as small as 5”x5” in order to give the viewer the opportunity to experience them at an intimate distance. 

Other artists exhibiting in the show will be Rachelyn Teague, J.T. Mitchell, Jeremy Merz and Adam Sanders.  The show will be held at the Gardiner Art Gallery located in the Bartlett Center on the corner of W. Elm and Knoblock, just south of the Boone Pickens Stadium on the OSU Campus. 

A Tribute to Dixie Erickson, Norman Artist

Dixie – A Faithful Friend
January 6, 1936- January 7, 2011 
By Betty Wood

How does one condense 20+ years of life and friendship? Dixie and I were in graduate school at OU at the same time. In 1992, we had our final Master’s thesis exhibit, along with three others. We then shared a studio for over 20 years with Corazon Watkins and other artists.

Dixie would go there daily to The Studio at 102B, to create her art- – a dedicated, gifted artist. She was one of the most talented, yet modest art I know- – often winning prizes and ribbons for her work. It takes a lot of courage to be an artist- – Dixie had that courage.

Dixie Erickson, Upstairs, Downstairs,Oil on Canvas, 48″x36″

Her life-long dedication to the arts is evidenced in her immersion, for many years, as an Artist-in Residence for the Oklahoma State Arts Council and Norman Arts Council. She also taught drawing and art history at the collegiate level at Rose State and Oklahoma City Community College.  As if this were not enough, she always continued her artistic pursuits. She shared her talent and knowledge with so many individuals through the years.

In 2000, a group of artists formed the 529 Group. Dixie designed a logo for us as well as our philosophy for exhibiting together.  She has remained as the leader of the organization since inception.  Due to her dedication, 529, as a group, has exhibited in numerous regional venues. 529 will miss her leadership. 

There are so many stories to be shared, but one that comes to mind is when she and I almost froze in downtown Norman on Main Street. We wer assisting a group of at-risk students form the Firehouse Art Center in painting a mural for a bank on an outside window.  Don’t think I have ever been so cold! This was just one of several artistic situations with which she and I would get involved.

On a personal level, there were years of conversations about life, family and art. We attended countless openings and art exhibits in which we participated or had an interest. Her husband, Neil, would patiently drive us to many of these events. In general, we encouraged each other’s life or art and interests—whatever it happened to be at the time.  
Dixie Erickson, Need Care,Photocopy, lace, embroidery, oil, 24″x24″ 

She was an intellectual whose quiet, gentle nature always was nurturing and encouraging others in their pursuits. It’s difficult to put into words the meaning of her friendship to me and all the many lives she touched.

She will be sorely missed. God needed a wonderful artist, so Dixie, keep painting, you’re so good at it. 

See more of Dixie’s artwork here.

Incredible, last minute artist opportunity: 5 free nights at Big Cedar

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has a last minute opportunity for an Oklahoma artist. Because of an anonymous donation, we can offer:
5 free nights in cabin at the amazing Big Cedar resort in Ridgedale, MO
Available Sunday, January 31, 4 pm until Friday, February 5, 10 am. or see similar cabins here.
2 bedroom/2 bath cabin with full kitchen, deck, wood burning fireplace, official max occupancy 6

>must be a visual artist living in Oklahoma.
>must be a Facebook fan or Twitter follower of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.
The recipient only would have to pay for the approximately $5 daily resort fee and their own transportation and food.

To apply, by Monday, January 24 at noon:  
>Submit less than 100 words explaining how five free nights in an Ozark cabin could benefit your artistic practice right now.
>Confirm that you understand by applying you are committing to using the cabin during that time if you receive the award.
Recipient artists will be notified by Tuesday, January 25 at 5 pm and must write a blog post upon their return. 

Plot points from @OVAC Twitter Feed:

Behind the Art Scenes:                       
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Opportunities for artists & volunteers:
national juried show based in OK, OK Art Guild’s 2011 Friendly w/ Feb deadline
RT @tashadoestulsa: Here comes the annual 24 Hour Video Race with Living Arts of Tulsa! You participating?
Fellowship for Native American artists at the Vermont Studio Center, Feb deadline
new initiative to fund social justice documentaries from Ford Foundation, $50M to start
call for entries for SHIFT, VSA juried exhib of disabled artists in Washington DC , free 3/11 deadline 
Okie-specific public art opportunity for $23,000 commission ,
Artist festival opportunity RT @OKArtsCouncil: Tulsa’s Mayfest seeking visual and performing artists:
free artist marketing podcast from @americans4arts National Arts Marketing Project
OVAC News:
PUMPED Alyson Stanfield presenting here in fall!! RT @abstanfield: Psyched! Working with @ovac at fall conference in Tulsa October 26-27
another intern just called to report she got an awesome arts job! Yay for past interns’ successes!
Did you know we have a speaker’s bureau with fab art & business of art topics?
New sculpture installed outside Chickasha, 2nd done for Public Art Mentorship by Eric Wright
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Plot points from @OVAC Twitter Feed: 12/17/10

Behind the Art Scenes:                       
incredible: visual literacy course improves medical diagnostic capabilities. Thanks for link @americans4arts
Fascinating study of recession’s affect on artists. Not surprised: 80% volunteered, surprised: 40% w/o health insurance
All interested in freedom of artistic integrity should be watching dialogue surrounding Smithsonian pulling Wojnarowicz’s artwork
fascinating, artists giving art away to worthy new collectors, goal of diversifying reach of art
Artists, were you taught about studio safety in your art program? Curious if you think about toxicity, etc, see article
Agreed, helpful advocacy RT @okartscouncil: Great source for info about arts…check out @Americans4Arts on Facebook
Wow congrats! RT @tzokc: OKC’s own @deadcenter named one of 20 COOLEST FILM FESTIVALS IN THE WORLD by Movie Maker magazine. Pas
$2.5 million given to artists last night, wow makes my head spin. Go @USAforART!
All artists deal with rejection, but how well?
Avoid these examples of artists’ pr self-centeredness RT @fracturedatlas: “The # 1 Marketing Mistake Artists Make”
artists, are you sleeping enough? Article in @artcalendar talks about why and how
“Artists give the world something it didn’t realize it was missing,” Daniel Pink #cwf2010
Opportunities for artists & volunteers:
new arts job listing from @cityartscenter & several museum positions on the OK Museum’s website
This Land Press is calling photographers: looking for freelancers for projects (yes, we pay). Contact
Important for older & younger artists RT @abstanfield: Aging as an artist includes resources
Okie artists looking to show, @iaogallery accepting proposals
artist’s perspective on deciding to what opportunities to apply
new online resource for artists about free speech & artists’ rights
OVAC News:
you got questions, we’ve got answers (well some attempts anyway). new FAQ about OVAC & Okie artists on our site
nice feature in @urbantulsa on new survey exhibition debuting in 2012, support from the fabulous Nat’l Endowment for Arts
Experience Required: None. How often do you hear that? Seeking spring interns interested in arts, non-profit admin
5 artists already have submitted art for Momentum OKC; incredible since the deadline isn’t until Feb 7
debut young artists’ work, build our cultural community, advertise your business. Seeking sponsors for Momentum OKC