Sam Lamb Brings Props

Guest Author: Jennifer Barron
Samantha Lamb, Whole Hearted & More Rabbit Than Bear, Photography,  2011 

At a small table at Flip’s Trattoria where we met for an afternoon interview, Samantha Lamb reaches into her bag and produces some unexpected items: a polished brass pocketwatch, a mason jar full of fresh honey, and two age-worn cotton handkerchiefs. As she begins discussing her planned work for Momentum Spotlight, she quickly arranges these items into a miniature installation that sets the tone for our discussion. The objects in front of us are often the subjects of her photographs. They are also symbols of the farm life that inspires and informs her art.

Upon opening the pocketwatch, she points to the curving shapes in the clockworks and gears. “It’s full of these feminine shapes and curves, and I’m drawn to those kinds of shapes- you can see that femininity in the handkerchiefs as well.” She pauses and smiles. “I just love being a woman.”
Samantha Lamb, Girl Like An Orchard, Orchard Like A Girl, Photography, 2011 
Textures, colors, warmth, and femininity are all explored- and vividly portrayed- in Lamb’s work.
But her farm life, while a source of beauty and joy, is also frankly experienced. She raises several animals and does not spare herself any of the related duties. “I raised my own pigs,” she recalls fondly, “I treated them like characters in a Disney movie. And then I killed them myself…  As someone who eats meat, I want to be a conscientious meat eater.”
It is a reminder that for Lamb, the authenticity of her farm life is crucial. Since arriving in Hobart, she has become a part of the town’s community, from participating in the local farmer’s market to offering kitchen haircuts to a few local men.
Fully conscious yet fully joyous, Samantha Lamb’s art shows us a world of rustic beauty, cast in warm light. To take a few steps into this world, don’t miss her installation at MomentumOklahoma City this March 9 and 10.

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  1. What a beautiful image and a peaceful "color scheme." I love it!

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