Juried Exhibitions: In Oklahoma

OVAC gathered an initial list of recurring juried exhibitions open to Oklahoma artists and we need your help.

We know there are many opportunities for artists to show and compete in our state. Please help us gather the most comprehensive list possible. You can see the list here. Send updates or additions to Stephanie Ruggles Winter or post them as a comment.

We want to list regular exhibitions to which many Oklahoma artists can submit, so are not including things like student shows or exhibitions only open to a small group. If an Oklahoma artist could submit, pay an entry fee or become a member to participate, we want to list it.

For more information about juried exhibitions, see other blog posts from this series. The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition will offer the workshop “Jury Duty: Entering Juried Shows & Competitions” on Thursday, December 10, 2009, 5:30-7:30pm at the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville.

Image caption: Ted Conley, Ardmore, “Five Cherries” award winner from USAO’s 7-State Biennial


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Behind the Art Scenes:
Digging the Tate Modern podcasts, especially Modern Painting series where artists & conservators talk about the materials & technique

diagram of for profit/non-profit art models RT @spacesgallery: Fascinating look at Art, Labor, and Economics” at http://bit.ly/5pcmiR

RT @art21: How did USA artists fair during the 2008-09 recession? The NYTimes assesses a survey of 5K creative types. http://bit.ly/86Q9un

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OVAC Grant Recipient: Lori Oden

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition grants support artists’ projects and career development. OVAC funded a record amount of artists in the past year, 30, granting more than $16,000, and is on pace to support even more artists’ projects this year. Intern Ashley Romano profiled recent Creative Project Grant recipient Lori Oden.

Lori Oden, Edmond: Creative Projects Grant recipient
Oden’s photographs are often inspired by her interest in writing. “Either a phrase will give me a visual impression and I create a photograph, or a photograph will bring words or a phrase to mind.”

For her project, Write Me a Photograph, Oden will send a letter to more than 50 people from across the state requesting a letter about anything they wish to write about, such as “love, forgiveness, anger or even social or political views.” Only 25 letters will be chosen. Once the prose is received and read, Oden will create a photograph based on each letter. The project will be completed in August 2010, when it will be exhibited at Istvan Gallery in Oklahoma City.

Oden is a photographer, specializing in nineteenth-century photographic processes as well as traditional black and white photography. A native Oklahoman, Oden teaches photography at Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University. She received her BA in 1997 from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and completed her Master of Liberal Studies in 2006 from the University of Oklahoma.

See OVAC’s website for more information on OVAC’s grant opportunities.

What is a juried exhibition anyway?

For juried exhibitions, artists submit their artwork for consideration in an open, competitive group exhibition. Usually, the artist sends in the best images of his or her recent work. In some cases, the artist will be asked to submit the actual artwork to be considered.

Each exhibition has distinct judging, some with committees or jury teams, others with one focused curator. The specifics vary from show to show, but generally the curator or juror evaluates the work based on some sort of criteria, whether it is technical skill, creativity, or how well the artist works in a particular medium. While the process may be rather subjective, the curator will try to choose work that best reflects the idea or theme of the show.

Juried shows frequently boast cash prizes for artists and publications. Many have entry fees as well, some of which support the cash prizes. Organizers include nonprofit art spaces, artist groups and even commercial galleries. Possible audiences and types of exhibitions vary greatly.

The competition can be intense, as only a certain number of artworks can be accepted, so it’s a good idea to follow the application instructions and submit quality images and materials on time.

For more information and questions to ask about juried exhibitions, see this article in Art Calendar. The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition will offer the workshop “Jury Duty: Entering Juried Shows & Competitions” on Thursday, December 10, 2009, 5:30-7:30pm at the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville.

by OVAC intern Ashley Romano

Exhibition Glimpse: Woodmansee & Twilley at Velvet Monkey

Imaginative and realistic draftsmanship highlight both David Woodmansee and Brandi Twilley’s show of macabre drawings, which opened at the Velvet Monkey Salon on 16th street in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District on Friday the 13th.

Woodmansee’s drawings are fanciful and mesmerizingly detailed ink and marker creations executed with a smooth, illustrative touch. Most are black and white or sepia renderings, where color is splashed sparingly. His subjects – animals, monsters, and vampy women, are at home in the dark palette which is used to create scenes of the absurd, the grotesque, and sometimes, the beauty beneath the menace.

Twilley’s work is a series of dense and precisely shaded pencil drawings, all of which pair two female skeletons mid-stroll on a fashion runway in a variety of settings and garb. The dreary frames sport both eyeballs and full heads of hair, but are absent any insulation minus the creations they are modeling.

Caustic and precious at the same time, the statement pieces have lovely texture. They are repetitious, symmetrical, and strangely calming. It’s easy to forget the gaunt frames are meant to be unsettling.

The skeletons serve as an antithesis of Woodmansee’s female forms, examining the menace beneath beauty, yet the two differing interpretations are not at odds, as the two artists’ styles are complementary.

The adage “the devil is in the details” comes to mind, as you see every bone in anatomically correct proportions and placement in Twilley’s work, and similarly, Woodmansee captures every pine of cactus, and every scale on a snake’s body. These artists miss nothing, and the sheer energy and concentration they have poured into these unassumingly small works (scale-wise) is awe-inspiring.

The show runs through December 11th, and some works are available for sale. The Velvet Monkey’s hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

by OVAC intern Sarah Clough Chambers

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Lynn Basa giving the low down on public art commissions, find out why they want art/who being served, politics of group/funding

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RT @TylerGreenDC: Kind of a crappy day to be a *real* professional, scholarship-interested/minded curator: http://bit.ly/3S15WW

RT @Americans4Arts: You don’t have to be famous to be an effective arts advocate. Here’s how you can play your part http://tiny.cc/Uv84R

This is a typical scene in articulate artists’ studios

Opportunities for Artists:
designers, artists, experimenters- Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art $1000 prize for top WPA-style poster, Nov 30 deadline www.ou.edu/fjjma

Super yummy OKC coffee place seeking artists to exhibit ARTIST NEEDED Send Sample to arts@coffeeslingers.com

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And, Art 365 artist selections are in! Congrats to Grace Grothaus (Tulsa), Aaron Hauck (Ada), Geoffrey Hicks (Tulsa), Liz Rodda (Norman) & Frank Wick (Norman)

Drumroll please… Momentum Spotlight OKC 2010 artists are: Amber Farnell (Okemah), Geoffrey Hicks (Tulsa), & Delvie McPherson (OKC)

For anyone keeping track, that’s $65,250 in artist awards announced today! Go Okies!
Seeking bands to play at Momentum OKC 2010 (March 5-6). Contact OVAC at 405-879-2400 by December 2 if you’re interested

pumped to meet Lynn Basa, public artist & author of this http://www.guidetopublicart.com , she starts “mentoring” 3 Okie artists Wednesday

Reading: Juried Exhibitions

I was glad to see Alyson Stanfield’s email newsletter topic this week about Assessing juried exhibit opportunities as we prepare for our December 10 Artist Survival Kit panel discussing Juried Shows & Competitions

Alyson asks insightful questions about the potential career and artistic impact through juried exhibitions. Rather than passively entering your artwork into the most timely (or convenient) opportunities that arise, she pushes you to find out more about the benefits and evaluate what you hope to gain. I appreciate that she gives no easy answers, but expects artists to consider each show for themselves.

The OVAC ASK panel will include the jurors themselves– curators and gallerists who do the selecting– talking about how they review artwork. Watch for more posts about juried shows in the upcoming weeks.