Artist Tip: Disaster preparedness

From the Craft Emergency Relief Fund’s recent enews:

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TIP OF THE MONTH Images are an artist’s lifeblood. Without them there is nothing to submit with show applications, for exhibitions, or for press coverage. Most artists store their slides and digital images in the studio, and they are usually lost if they have a fire or are struck by a natural disaster. Store duplicates of your film images and backup media containing copies of digital images (CD, USB flash drive, or USB hard drive) at a secure offsite location. This should be someplace at least 50-100 miles away, that is unlikely to be affected by the same disaster (Katrina washed away whole banks, so a safety deposit box in your town may not be good enough). For example, put copies of all of your images in a fire and water-resistant file box and leave it at a family member’s house in another town. You could also exchange boxes with another artist and both of you would be protected. While you’re at it, copy documents that you cannot afford to lose like insurance papers, legal documents, and your glaze formulas or other process notes and stick those in there, too!

Learn more about CERF and their programs:


Artist Tip: High School/Young Artists

OVAC published a new Resource Guide with information for high school aged artists. It’s got info about exhibition opportunities, scholarships, etc. Pass it on!

Opportunity: $40,000 creativity award

Due very soon- The Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize
$40,000 for a creative “work-in-process”

Letter of Inquiry Deadline: August 30, 2008

The Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize, established in 2002, is a biennial prize honoring the creative process, “Creativity in Motion.” This prize celebrates a visionary, creative “work-in-process,” recognizing the power of original thought and expression in enriching the world around us. The work or project must be underway at the time of application. This prize is open to all fields of creativity, including, but not limited to, the arts, cultural affairs, education and science. The award of $40,000 is available to U.S. citizens and can be used in any way the recipient chooses.

Exhibition: Corporatocracy

Up now at the IAO Gallery, “Corporatocracy” is an exceptionally compelling exhibition up through September 12. The curatorial effort, envisioned primarily by director Jeff Stokes, paid off in a focused grouping of artwork addressing the role of corporations in our culture. Marwin Begaye’s forceful prints decry the affect of processed foods on American Indians in high-contrast wood cuts ala Mexico’s Taller de Gráfica Popular. Steve Breerwood combines genres such as Diego Rivera’s images of field workers with the contemporary issues of minimum wage workers at Wal Mart.

Many of the works indict our consumer culture along with the corporations that fulfill and encourage our consumerism. This exhibition should not be missed– both because it is strong and it is an example of how an insightful curator can enliven all the artworks in the exhibition through juxtaposition and themes.

Look for more info here.

Next up

OVAC released our Artist Survival Kit schedule for the year! There are some great workshop that address a lot of the tips raise in this blog. First up—Public Art projects. See for all the specs.

Artist Tip: Dimensions

Note to artists—the standard way to list your artwork’s dimensions is Height then Width then Depth. This standard allows everyone to know if your piece is vertical or horizontal, tall or short. Museums will understand it and it helps all your fabulous buyers know what to expect! Remember: H, W, D!